Update on hamed

Unfortunately Hamed was refused permission to go for judicial review yesterday.

Of course he is devastated…and scared.

We’re there for him, and over a thousand of you guys are behind him and have supported his case…so thank you SO MUCH for that!

Theres a small team currently gathering thoughts and supporting Hamed as best we can. In discussions with Hamed and his solicitor, a plan will be put in place… And when it is, we will update you all!

We all need a little time to recoup and gather our thoughts so we don’t have answers to many of the questions you might have yet, but we will keep you as updated as possible.

For now, we can say:

Hamed served with our soldiers as part of a team. On behalf of peace, freedom, and an Afghanistan where people can live without fear. In doing so, he has fought for the freedom of humanity.

Our freedom did not come by chance. How can we possibly desert someone who has served so diligently with our troops on behalf of our nation. How can we speak of values and standards in the British Army and show such disloyalty?

We won’t leave you Hamed.
The fight has just begun.
We’re going to continue the petition and continue to raise funds for legal fees.

Donate link:



Thanks so much for your support so far!

Big love to you all ❤️

And to Hamed…stay strong, we love you. 

Thanks to Brendan Woodhouse for these words, information, and continuing the fight.

Hamed Was Deported

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This morning I woke up to the most horrible, shocking news…

At 6am this morning Hamed was unlawfully sneaked onto a plane and deported.

Sophie woke up to a desperate voicemail from him at the airport, asking for her to call his solicitor.

Yesterday we released a short film telling his story so far:


We will continue to fight for him and need donations now more than ever:


I can’t believe it. We are all devastated. We will keep you updated on his journey.


Watch Hamed’s Story

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Hamed is a 21 year old boy from Afghanistan.
A victim of war.
He was forced to leave his country to make the terrifying journey to safety in Europe.
His mother, father and 4-year-old sister didn’t make it.

Hamed carried on with his 12 year old brother and 14 year old cousin, in the hope of being near to his aunt and other family in the UK.
Somehow, after months of struggle, he made it.
Devastatingly he was separated from his brother and cousin, who are still living in the Jungle in Calais, alone.

After ten months of life in the UK with long-term volunteer and friend Sophie, two weeks ago he was unexpectedly detained and served deportation papers.

He was due to be deported last Thursday from Gatwick airport. A flight which is likely to have brought him closer to his death at the hands of the Taliban.

My brother Nils, Sophie and another volunteer Martin booked themselves on the flight, while we set about promoting a petition, raising awareness and doing everything we could to fight against this breach of human rights.

Our efforts worked.
Hamed was not deported, but he remains in a detention centre / prison by the Gatwick runway, in limbo.

Disorientated and petrified, he is on suicide watch. His future is uncertain.

How can we do this to victims of war?

This is his story…

Film by www.finlayohara.com

To donate to his legal fees and for him to be released on bail and go home to Sophie and her family, follow this link:


Save Hamed

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After hearing the amazing news late last night that Hamed was not going to be put on the flight this morning (from a guard at the deportation centre…with no more information), we decided we had better travel to Gatwick just in case. I had a seat booked on the flight and i wanted to make sure he was not on it, and if he was, I wanted to be there comfort and reassure him and let him know that there were people thinking of him.

So I set my alarm for 4 in the morning and made my way to the airport early. We didn’t know what the authorities would do and we didn’t want to take any chances. I got to the airport with our little brother Fin and we set up by the departure gate to look out for Hamed. The departure time got closer and closer but there was no sign of him so we headed down to the deportation centre where he was being held and where Sophie and the others had stationed themselves.

The deportation centre is a pretty soulless place right next to the Gatwick runway. The big ‘WELCOME’ sign painted in multiple languages on the wall seemed a little ironic…
Noisy and grey, with high fences and barbed wire, there were little signs of life. We pulled up just as our flight took off right in front of us. We ran into the visitor centre to find Sophie on the phone and she straight away told me – “It’s Hamed, he’s still here!”

Absolutely ecstatic, emotional and exhausted, we sat down to wait and find out more. His solicitor was there, waiting for the right documents to come through so she could actually go in and see him. At this point nobody really knew why Hamed wasn’t on the flight and not much had been communicated. Me and Fin tried to get some footage of the detention centre but were quickly told off. They were very strict and made me wonder what there was to hide.


We sat there for a while just wanting to see Hamed, to be able to reassure him and make sure he’s OK, but it soon became pretty apparent that he wasn’t going to be allowed to go anywhere today. We still don’t know the home office changed their mind about Hamed flying this morning, but as soon as we do we will update you all… Somehow our efforts worked, but we tried EVERYTHING, so we’re yet to understand what the deal breaker was…

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for signing and sharing the petition, for messaging EasyJet’s facebook page and for helping in anyway possible to change Hamed’s life.

His journey is far from over and we’re not sure what will happen next, but what an incredible outcome in the short term at least. The love and support shown by everyone has been amazing.

Hamed is lucky to have this powerful network of support behind him, but there are lots of others just like him being deported on a daily basis. We need to fight for these people.

We have been documenting Hamid’s story and our short film about him will be coming out ASAP. We hope to raise as much awareness as possible about these unjust breaches of human rights happening every single day…

Hopefully he will be back with Sophie and her kid (including baby Noah who has been missing him), very soon!


Help Hamed

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I can’t believe it.

We reached 10,000 signatures to try and stop the deportation of Hamed on Thursday.

The petition will be going to the Home Office and to Easy Jet today and Sophie can let Hamed know (he’s been taken from her lovely home where he has been living with her husband and three kids and forced into a detention centre until his flight on Thursday).

Hopefully this will buy us some time. Some time to put a case together to show how crazy and senseless and unfair it is to spend so much money deporting Hamed from the life he has finally been able to start to put together.

Hamed is learning English. He’s been playing with the kids, getting stuck into family life. He has biological family here too. He is loved. Sophie’s kids are asking where he is…



He has already been through so much to get here. Unimaginable pain and trauma. But he has made it.

He does not take any benefits, he speaks multiple languages and is young and clever and kind. He has so much to give.

Sophie has booked herself onto his flight on Thursday so she can be there by his side whatever happens, but hopefully they will be celebrating Eid in the UK together instead of flying to Amsterdam.

I’m hoping to go to the airport too to show my support for the lovely Hamed in this life-threatening time.

Keep sending positive vibes my lovelies. I’ll keep posting updates. I can’t stop thinking about what he must be feeling right now. Hopefully the news that 10,000 of us are behind him will bring him some comfort amidst the terror or what is to come…

We’re not giving up yet…

Watch this video of Hamed’s time in the UK so far:

His petition: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/…/urgently-stop-the-deportatio…