Diaspora Film Feature – Al-Kehdawy

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This is Al-Kehdawy, a Syrian grandfather we met in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

He is a magical, gentle man who I bonded with straight away, despite not sharing a common language.

He is an artist and sculptor and spends his long days in the camp making models of traditional Syrian household items. He does this to keep the culture of his beloved homeland alive for the generations below him, who are being born into this camp in the desert, far from their home.

Al-Kehdawy tells his story in our latest film, Diaspora.

Diaspora weaves together the people and places that are STILL affected by the refugee crisis sweeping our world.

It’s 45 minutes long, but please take the time to honour our friends who shared their incredible stories and watch it.

Watch it instead of Love Island tonight (or as well as…you have just enough time before it starts).

This is important.

PLEASE SHARE. Everyone needs to see this.

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To celebrate Eid and Refugee Week, The Worldwide Tribe presents….Diaspora.

From Syrians to Sudanese, from refugees to volunteers, from Europe to the Middle East…millions of people are affected by the refugee crisis we are STILL in the midst of.

People are on the move in the biggest migration the world has ever seen…

…But why?

Where are they going?

Why are they leaving?

Who are these people and what does this mean for the world as we know it?

How is the world responding?

In an attempt to meet those affected and find out…we bring you Diaspora.

Directed and Edited by Jamie Noel http://www.jamienoeldirector.com/

Why We Still Need To Talk About The Refugee Crisis

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Why we still need to talk about the refugee crisis…

On 17th March, over 150 civilians were killed in airstrikes on the city of Mosul in Iraq.

On 23rd March, more than 240 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, trying to make the crossing from Libya to Italy.

On 31st March, a 17 year old boy was left unconscious after being attacked because he is an asylum seeker in Croydon, UK.

On 3rd April it was reported that IS in Mosul are using human shields in an attempt to deter the military.

On 4th April, dozens of people were killed in a suspected chemical attack in Idlib, Syria.

This list could go on and on, and the reality is that it will.

The refugee crisis is not slowing down. The things that are causing people to flee their homes – wars, persecution, death – are not going away.

But we must not allow ourselves to fall silent. We must speak up for the people who have lost their lives, and stand alongside those who continue to seek safety and freedom. We must raise our voices and make sure that these atrocities are heard. We cannot allow them to fall on deaf ears.

We must remember that these people are just that – people. They are more than statistics. Each and every single one is a life lived, just like ours. They are brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. They are doctors and gardeners and engineers and business owners and homemakers. They are just like us.

They could be us.

Please, keep talking, keep saying these things out loud and keep asking people to come together and show their support.

Our voices will not fall silent.

If you can, please donate to help us continue our work to tell the stories of the people affected by the refugee crisis, and inspire people to take action.


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Guys…this is Besh.

My eyes are streaming reading his story in the Guardian.

I met Besh in the camp in Dunkirk last year, and we instantly became friends…

He is 25, speaks perfect English and is the oldest of 5 brothers…the youngest is 14.

The boys and their mother fled Iraq after ISIS took over their village.

Their father stayed to fight.

Not long into their crazy journey, the boys were sent to a different camp from their mum when police in Greece forced the men and women to separate.

Only boys under 14 were allowed to stay with their mothers.

This is the story of how the brothers did everything to find her.

This bit killed me:

“Beshwar walked into the mud-soaked Dunkirk camp.

“Suddenly everything became very slow – I felt dizzy. I arrived in the camp and saw all the people, the tents and the mud. I was shouting her name. My heart was beating so fast. It’s strange but it was like a dream. I was looking everywhere like a crazy person. Shouting.”

Then he saw his mother.

“I knew it was her!”

Finally, months of patience paid off because there, standing in front of a tiny stove, was Roonak.

“I screamed ‘Mum, Mum!’ We ran together and enveloped her. We were all crying. I remember people around us shouting – ‘It’s the sons, it’s the five sons!’ I reached her and we hugged and hugged. I will never forget that feeling – I knew then why I had kept going for so long.”

Read the full story here.

Please SHARE and COMMENT a personal message to Besh and I will make sure he reads them!

United with Love

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Build bridges, not borders.
Choose unity, not separation.
Choose love, not fear.
Go into every situation with an open heart.

We are all connected.
We are all the same.
We are all human.
We all live on this world together and we should share it accordingly.

We must come together in support of one another.

We are one.

The Worldwide Tribe