21 December 2017

I was just flicking through a copy of ‘The Big Issue’ when I stopped at an Interview with Artist Ai Weiwei. I’m yet to see his new film ‘Human Flow’…

Has anyone seen it?

It looks so powerful.

One of the statistics in the article explained that When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, only 11 countries were cut off by physical border fences and walls.

By 2016, 70 countries have built walls and fences to enforce their borders.

Nearly ALL of the refugees we’ve met over the last 3 years have horrifying stories of how they risked their lives, crossed land and sea, paid smugglers ridiculous amounts of money and faced extreme adversity to pass through or get over these very things…


I wonder what’s changed so dramatically in the last 30 years for 60 more countries to feel the need to wall themselves in, and in turn make it illegal for someone fleeing war & persecution to cross these imaginary lines to safety.

In the interview, Ai Weiwei was asked about the concept of borders.

He said:

“There will always be borders as long as there are rich and poor and as long as there are fast developing nations and those that are less so. They will not disappear anytime soon. However, there are even more severe borders in people’s hearts and minds, which can stop humanity’s ability to come together as one”.

That’s exactly what we’re trying our very hardest to do here at The Worldwide Tribe 

We know that right now we may not be able to change the borders between two counties. But what we have to do is focus on the things that we can change…

By sharing the personal stories of those affected most by the crisis, we hope we can change and break down the borders in people’s minds. The change in heart, the willingness to learn and be kind, empathetic and accepting towards those who need our support.

So if you see a story of ours, or one in the newspaper or online that has maybe made you think a little differently… SHARE it!

It has a ripple effect…and together we can create this change