Besh and Roonak

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This is Besh and his Mum Roonak…

Their story is one of the craziest and most emotional I have ever heard…

Besh and his 4 younger brothers were separated from their Mum when authorities in Greece separated men from women.

This marked the beginning of months of desperately trying to find her as they travelled through many camps across Europe.

Besh says: “My little brothers kept asking me the same question, ‘Where is Mum, where is Mum?’ I kept telling them she would join us. But I was not sure when.

I couldn’t sleep or eat. I felt so sick. What was my mum doing? I kept thinking about what was being done to my mum – why had they separated us?

It was cold, she had no money. There were times on my own when my brothers were asleep when I just wondered, how were we ever going to find her?

But I knew she is independent and has a good brain. She is tough and has seen many difficult things. I thought, she will be OK. I kept telling the others we had to keep going. I just had a feeling.

We asked everyone if they had seen her. People we met on trains saw how sad we were. They asked, ‘Why aren’t you happy? We are away from war now – we have hope.’ But, of course, we didn’t feel the same. We would just sit quietly while others celebrated. I didn’t feel free in those times.

You meet so many refugees – I told them I was looking for my mum and they would tell me where to go next: Nuremburg in Bavaria, Traiskirchen in Austria. I knew we had to be thorough and try every camp before we could move on.”

At night, in the tents of the many camps they visited, Beshwar dreamed his mother was travelling. Awake, he thought of his mother playing with her boys as children, cooking at night, reading them poetry.

The brothers journeyed on buses, trains and foot, and everyone they spoke to they showed their mother’s picture.

No one recognised her.

But they never gave up…until the day they arrived to the camp in Dunkirk…

There, between the tents and the mud, they saw her…

“Suddenly everything became very slow – I felt dizzy. I arrived in the camp and saw all the people, the tents and the mud. I was shouting her name. My heart was beating so fast. It’s strange but it was like a dream. I was looking everywhere like a crazy person. Shouting.

I screamed ‘Mum, Mum!’ We ran together and enveloped her. We were all crying. I remember people around us shouting – ‘It’s the sons, it’s the five sons!’ I reached her and we hugged and hugged. I will never forget that feeling – I knew then why I had kept going for so long.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there, whether they are with their children or not.

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