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How to Make a Difference on World Refugee Day

It’s World Refugee Day today and we should all take this as the perfect opportunity to take action and DO something. Anything. POSSIBLE ACTIONS: 1. DONATE: https://mydonate.bt.com/donation/start.html?charity=128227 2. VOLUNTEER: www.theworldwidetribe.com/volunteer 3. SHARE this post to raise awareness about the following five facts: 1. This is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time 2. The world has never […]


Syrian family of five found safe after Grenfell Tower fire

  Miracles do happen. A Syrian family of 5 who lived in Grenfell tower, were feared dead after they were reported missing by a lady who had been teaching them English. Amazingly, the parents and three daughters have been found alive and safe. The family had recently arrived in the UK after fleeing the war […]

Words of hope following Finsbury Park attack

In response to last nights attack in Finsbury Park, in which a white van driver drove into a crowd of Muslims outside a mosque, I wanted to share some words written by our 18-year-old Syrian friend Abdulazez Dukhan: “As a normal Muslim who came from a Muslim society, I want to explain something. I never learned […]

Singalong with the refugee children in Greece

It doesn’t matter where you grow up, whether you’re a British kid or an Afghan kid, whether you live in a house or a refugee camp…apparently you still love Frozen! Thank you Molly Sanden for making these kids so happy with a spontaneous performance whilst painting their school this week!


Agony for Syrian brothers caught up in Grenfell Tower Fire

Meet Syrian brothers Mohammad and Omar. The 23 and 25 year old boys fled Syria three years ago, they were granted asylum in the UK and lived together in Grenfell Tower… On Tuesday night, when a fire spread through their building, the boys rushed together down the stairs to safety. Omar made it, but the […]

Grenfell Tower Tragedy

This morning I woke up again to devastating news. Another absolute tragedy on my doorstep that everyone was talking about. More terror in London but in a different form. As the day has passed and I have watched in horror from Greece as the story of this fire has unfolded in the news…my heart heavy. […]

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Greece with 109 World

This week Nils and I have been back in Greece, not far from Athens, to visit a camp we have been working with for a while. This camp is home to 600 Afghans. They live inside an abandoned factory, squeezed into tiny cubicles (three metres by three metres) with up to seven family members in […]

Chaos and Devastation on Chios

URGENT AND SHOCKING: AN UPDATE ON CHIOS I know we’re not seeing devastating pictures of refugees arriving on Greek beaches in boats all over the news anymore…but the situation on the Greek Islands is still dire. Two years on from when we started working in Lesvos, we’re shocked that there are still so many refugees […]

Our Voice Is In Our Vote

Whether it’s Jeremy or Theresa…whoever wins tomorrow…we should all be happy. …We are SO LUCKY to be able to vote at all. We might live in fear for the future of the NHS, but at least we don’t live in fear of our lives. Despite all the bullshit, I’m so grateful that this election is […]

What Different UK Party Manifestos Say About The Refugee Crisis

Before we all vote tomorrow, we thought you guys might be interested in the various party’s policies regarding refugees in 2017: — Conservative: The Conservative manifesto points toward a greater focus on aiding those suffering abroad, and a subsequent decrease in help offered to refugees at home. Their manifesto states “wherever possible, the government will […]