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Help Tesfay

This is my very lovely friend Tesfay. He is one of the very first people I met in the Calais Jungle, nearly two years ago. He had just arrived and we helped him pitch his tent. He was super friendly, spoke amazing English, and was only 21. It broke my heart to leave him there. […]

Female empowerment project for Syrian refugee girls

“I only got to really understand the realities of Syrian war victims after reading the stories my students wrote about their lives before the war…” Anrike Piel is a professional photographer and creative director. She recently ran an Empowerment and Fashion Photography Project with 60 Syrian refugee teenage girls who are enrolled in our partner SB […]


Befriending refugees like Abu

“When I arrived in England, I had no money and no food, and I kept walking until I found a police station. I didn’t speak English, but I knew how to say “I am from Darfur.” I’m only 23, but already, I’ve traveled a huge distance in life… from my childhood in the fields growing […]

A Message from Abdulazez

“Many years ago I didn’t expect to be a refugee… as you are not expecting yourself to be. The decision of leaving home was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, but there were no more options to choose from. There is nothing like home. But being home without a house and […]

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Diaspora Film Feature – Al-Kehdawy

This is Al-Kehdawy, a Syrian grandfather we met in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. He is a magical, gentle man who I bonded with straight away, despite not sharing a common language. He is an artist and sculptor and spends his long days in the camp making models of traditional Syrian household items. He does […]

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  To celebrate Eid and Refugee Week, The Worldwide Tribe presents….Diaspora. From Syrians to Sudanese, from refugees to volunteers, from Europe to the Middle East…millions of people are affected by the refugee crisis we are STILL in the midst of. People are on the move in the biggest migration the world has ever seen… …But […]

Inspired Challenge – Trek Jordan

After spending some time there last year, our team fell in love with Jordan. From the hustle and bustle of Amman, to the peaceful sunsets over incredible deserts. From swimming in the Dead Sea to exploring the beautiful ancient city of Petra. We would love you guys to have the opportunity to experience this beautiful […]

Inspired Challenge Sponsored Cycle

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Do you fancy joining us in Greece? We’re teaming up with our incredible friends at Inspired Challenge to offer just that… This October we’re offering you the chance to cycle the beautiful mainland of Greece, setting yourself a challenge to get fit, do good and become […]


Diaspora Film Feature – Noor

 To celebrate Refugee Week, we are releasing our biggest and longest and best film so far…THIS SUNDAY! You guys all know Noor by now, I’ve written about her so often! Noor is our beautiful Syrian friend currently stuck in Turkey and one of the most amazing people I have met during my time working with […]


Diaspora Film Feature – Besh on the Duduk

In honour of Refugee Week, we have a special treat for you! This is Besh, a good friend of ours who we met in the camp in Dunkirk. Besh and his brothers have a crazy story. They were separated from their mother in a camp in Greece and searched 70 camps before they found her […]