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Justice for Hamed

He was our voice in Afghanistan. We need to be his voice now. He fought for us in Afghanistan. We need to fight for him now. Hamed worked for the British Army as an interpreter in Afghanistan from 2008 to 2012. He served with distinction and his commanding officers wrote of his “calm approach during […]

Moving forward from EKO camp

Lots has been going on behind the scenes at EKO camp in Thessaloniki and our team have been super busy over the past few months. April saw a big change for us. We had spent the previous 3 months working and supporting the community at Vasilika camp, just around the corner from EKO. In April, […]

Besh’s music channel

Remember Besh? Our amazing friend who searched pretty much every refugee camp in Europe to find his mother, then found her in the camp in Dunkirk (where we met him)? Well he’s also a very talented musician and has recently started his own youtube channel to share his music. This film was recorded in the […]

Lada Rally 2017 fundraiser

Who is up for an adventure….? …whilst also helping refugees at the same time? We have the BEST opportunity for you!!! The Lada Rally is a fundraiser for the Worldwide Tribe which starts in Estonia on the 25th August and ends in Croatia on the 2nd September. Basically it’s a race, crossing four thousand kilometres […]

Wifi update- rescue boat project

Check out our Wi-Fi guys (Nils, Rich and Samson)! They have taken to the water…! They have been working tirelessly with the amazing guys at Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project (http://www.atlanticpacific.org.uk/) to see if they can improve the communication systems on the lifeboats they use. This meant getting their wetsuits on and heading to Wales for […]

Fundraising for Scoliosis care in Izmir

This is Fatouse. Fatouse is a 13 year old Syrian girl with severe scoliosis. She is currently living in Izmir in Turkey. Two years ago Fatouse’s spine was normal. Today it is curved at over 40 degrees, deteriorating at a rate of 2 degrees per month. If the curving increases to over 60 degrees it […]


Recently I got a private message on Instagram from a boy that told me: “I am Eritrean and I see what you do, it makes me feel there are people who care. Thanks. I love you.” This meant a lot to me so I replied, and we started chatting. I asked him where he lived […]

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18-year-old Abdulazez knows no limits

Does 18-year-old Abdulazez Dukhan know no limits!? Literally weeks after being relocated to Belgium with his family, he’s giving a speech in Dutch!!! He said: “Breaking the walls of language and starting next chapters, practicing, making friends and trying to go to university. Yesterday I finished the first level of Dutch, such a fabulous feeling […]

Painting a School in a Refugee camp

Video by Soda/Lime for 109 World “Only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars.” – Martin Luther King. This school in a refugee camp in Greece, brings brightness to several hundred kids in their time of greatest need. We recently spent some time painting it, laying new flooring, putting up fencing, erecting shade […]