A sad night in Paris

14 June 2018

We had another great, but sad night in Paris last night.

We made some new Afghan friends, drank tea with them and had a little bit of food in a nearby Turkish restaurant.

These guys used to sleep in the camp by the canal, but since it was evacuated, they are sleeping under a bridge close by. No tents are allowed and they have to hide, only getting little bits of sleep until they are disrupted by the police.

We even got told to move along by a couple of policemen whilst we were just standing and chatting!

One of the Afghan guys showed us a rash he had all over his body… looks like there is another wave of scabies amongst the refugees.

Our amazing partner Danika took him to find some cream and we’ll get him some new clothes today. But I’m pretty sure he wont be the only person we need to do this for…

We also went round telling everyone about the party we are planning to celebrate Eid (the end of Ramadan).

We’re going to cook rice and chicken for everyone in the area, have some music and hopefully a fun evening.