Our Story

Our story is a crazy one…

Back in early 2015, we all had normal jobs. I, (Jaz) worked in the Fashion Industry, my brother Nils worked in advertising, and my youngest brother Fin was still at school.

As Fin was nearing 18…our parents decided to foster a new brother or sister…in fear that they would soon have an empty house…

They couldn’t have been more wrong!

As our parents went through the lengthy process, it became increasingly likely that our new sibling would be coming via the refugee camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle.’ My parents live in Kent and there were many unaccompanied minors arriving there at the time.

‘The Jungle’ had just started to appear in the news back then… but the coverage of the camp was super negative and dehumanising with words such as ‘Swarms of Migrants’ and ‘Marauding Migrants’ filling the headlines.

I had so many questions about the people who lived in this camp. Where were they from? What happened to them? What was life like in the Jungle?

As the media was not giving me the answers I wanted…I decided to go and find out for myself…

That first trip changed my life. Never had I met so many amazing, inspirational, heroic people. People that had been through the worst trauma, yet still welcomed us with open arms. People who lived in tents in the mud with nothing, but still they shared cups of tea, the little food they had, and their stories with us…

Shocked and emotional about what I had experienced, I went home knowing that I would be back.

I wrote a Facebook post on my personal Facebook page, feeling compelled to share some of the incredible stories of the people I had met with my friends and family, letting them know that we were collecting donations for next time…

Well, that post was the start of something incredible.

That one post was shared tens of thousands of times…reaching millions of people.

That one post sparked a movement of people wanting to donate, to volunteer, to get involved in any way that they could.

Not only were we met with an overwhelming amount of physical donations of STUFF, we were inundated by care, concern and love.

And so began The Worldwide Tribe.

Fast forward a few years and I now have TWO new brothers, Mez from Eritrea and Arash from Afghanistan. Our tangible projects have reached refugee camps across Europe and The Middle East…and our Tribe…well our Tribe spans the entire world.

Through the power of social media, we have come together to form an incredible community of people who care about the world and the people we share it with…

Welcome to The Worldwide Tribe

Our Work

We produce creative content to bring a personal, human perspective to the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time…the Refugee Crisis.

We use film, photography and storytelling to raise awareness and in turn, support grassroots projects making a direct impact to people on the ground.

We believe that the world is getting smaller. It’s time to come together regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion or language, as one global community of international citizens; The Worldwide Tribe.