Our lovely 18-year-old Syrian friend Abdulazez Dukhan has had some devastating news.

This is his cousin Abdulkarem. he died in Syria this week.

Abdulazez said the following:

“He wasn’t just my cousin, he was my best friend.

I spent 3 years with him when I left to the countryside.

He was the first friend I had when I arrived there.

We were always hanging out, having fun and challenging each other in soccer.

When I wanted to leave Syria, I told him to join us, but he refused.

He said:

“This is our country, what we are supposed to do?”

I was saying, “yes but what if we die? We can’t fight with nothing.
All we can do is wait in our houses until we die..”

I told him, “let’s try to change something, and then one day we will be stronger and we will be back in our country.”

But finally I wasn’t able to persuade him…

I left and he stayed…

3 days ago he died.

He died in Syria because of bombing.

Oh war you broke my heart.

I can’t forget your smile…Rest In Peace Abdulkarem”

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