So far we have installed WiFi in two locations; the Jungle camp in Calais, and the Pikpa camp in Lesvos.


Working on-the-ground in refugee camps in Europe, we were able to learn and understand the needs of the refugees, first-hand. It quickly became apparent that communication with family and access to information were just as important as food and clothes. The volatile nature of the situations they have escaped, and the dangerous journeys they have made meant that maintaining contact with loved ones was difficult. When fleeing war or persecution, often leaving friends and family behind without knowing when you will be reunited, all you want to do is let them know you are safe.


Not only does WiFi provide the kind of communication that we often take for granted, it is also an infinite resource. By enabling access to the internet, we are opening the door for refugees to learn about their rights and the processes they can expect to experience, understand their asylum claim and access useful tools like education and language support.


Tribe member Nils is heading up our WiFi project alongside Richard Thanki, who works with Microsoft to install WiFi in rural areas across Africa. We are looking to use the same wind and rain proof technology in various other refugee camps across Europe and beyond.


If you would like to help us install WiFi in future locations, please contact nils@theworldwidetribe.com.