2016 is the deadliest year on record for the Mediterranean sea. Over 4,000 people have died, and those are only the people we know about. People are risking everything to make the crossing from Libya to Europe. Escaping war, genocide, persecution and death in the hope of finding safety.


Sadly, many never make it.

With no safe passage provided, it has become the responsibility of grassroots, non-Government organisations like Sea-Watch, SOS Mediterranee and Atlantic Pacific to save the lives of the people attempting this crossing. Funded by donations and sustained by volunteers, these groups are giving their all to fill the gap and provide vital assistance to those who need it.


We are so proud of Tribe members Dan, Brendan and Mary, who have joined search and rescue efforts in the Mediterranean this year. After participating in Atlantic Pacific’s Summer School, they were equipped with the knowledge and training they needed to become valuable assets to search and rescue missions worldwide. Between them, they have saved countless lives including that of baby Newman who was born only hours after his mother was rescued by Mary’s team.


As well as working in the Mediterranean, Dan, Brendan and Mary spent months on the island of Lesvos earlier this year. Lesvos was a hotspot for arrivals prior to the implementation of the EU Turkey deal, with many people crossing in flimsy rubber boats from Turkey, just a few miles away. During their time there, they helped over 12,000 people take their first steps safely in Europe.

Photo credit (Sina Niemeyer / Sea-Watch Media)