Dan spent the first 3 months of 2016 working non-stop on-the-ground on the, usually idyllic, holiday island of Lesvos.

As an entry point to Europe, Greek Island Lesvos is under pressure from refugees arriving from Turkey in overcrowded boats. The journey they take to cross the Mediterranean Sea is a hugely dangerous one with many of the refugees unable to swim, injured, disabled, elderly or very young.

Dan’s work in Lesvos saw him take on a key role as part of the rescue team, working night shifts to welcome boats full of refugees, alongside his partnership with Pikpa, an organisation who care for the most vulnerable refugees on the island. From managing volunteers to improving the structure of the camp, Dan and The Worldwide Tribe team worked to implement processes and solutions to support Pikpa in the long-term. As well as supporting the organisation’s development, we were able install WiFi at the Pikpa camp, and to address immediate needs by facilitating donations of clothing, food and shelter and a number medical volunteers.

With the implementation of the EU/Turkey deal, the situation in Lesvos is quickly changing, with military-run detention centres forcing many NGOs to leave the island rather than be complicit in this action.

We will continue to support our friends at Pikpa, and to follow the situation in Lesvos, while ensuring that we channel our efforts to where they are needed the most.