Kelli has spent the last 2 years travelling the world, working on her photography and storytelling passion while raising awareness of global issues, and it has seen her visit 20 countries, including Turkey.

The situation in Turkey really struck a chord with Kelli which is why, 7 months ago, she relocated there to do everything she can to support refugees from Syria who now call Turkey home.

Most people, when considering the refugee crisis, don't think too much of Turkey, Kelli has found. Even though it's now home to the world's largest Syrian population (over 3 million), and is a developing country itself (1 in 5 people in Turkey are considered poor), aid and attention seems to be lacking.

So Kelli has made it her mission to have as much of an impact as possible, and she's definitely succeeding. Through supporting individuals like Noor and Mohamad, as well as projects like The Five Pound Project, Kelli has managed to fundraise over £10,000 to date, and she's nowhere near done!

On asking Kelli how she got started in the humanitarian field?

"Compassion. And it felt like it was the right thing to do."