Let's get real. Everything we do, we do because of you. Your kindness, support and generosity are the things that make our work possible. Without your donations we couldn't have installed WiFi at Pikpa, or helped to build a fire truck for the Jungle, or provided emergency food and blankets during the evictions.

We might be a small team, but we've got big dreams. We want to help people, all over the world; to provide long-lasting solutions and leave a legacy that proves that our Tribe did something great, something valuable.

The more funds that we have, the further our reach, the more lives impacted and the bigger the change. And who doesn't want that?

So, if you'd like to try your hand at fundraising we would be eternally grateful!

There are so many ways that you can get involved, from hosting a supper club, to busking in your local town; from putting on a gig to leading a yoga class; from baking cookies to swimming the channel...really, the possibilities are endless!

Download The Worldwide Tribe Fundraising Pack and get started today!


Utilise what you know

One of the most valuable things we've learnt is that whatever your skills, knowledge or experience, there's always a way to apply it. So harness what you already know and you're on the right track!

Create an online fundraiser

You can fundraise for The Worldwide Tribe through our profile on MyDonate. What we love about MyDonate is that they don't charge us anything, so 100% of what you raise makes it to us.

Set a target

If you know what you're aiming for it'll keep you on track, and will also encourage others to donate and help you to reach your goal.

Rally the troops!

Reach out to everyone you know, your friends, your family, the guys who serves you coffee, and get them involved! You never know where you might discover some unexpected skills!


We are huge advocates of social media, and have seen it's power first-hand, so make sure you share your event far and wide! Of course, don't underestimate the value of flyers and posters, and think about reaching out to local press, too.

Think about 'matched funding'

It's definitely worth checking with your employer in case they operate a 'matched funding' scheme, or reach out to local businesses who sympathise with your cause.

Let us know!

Tell us about your fundraising event so we can help spread the word! You can post details of your event to our Facebook page and reach out to us on Twitter.

If you've got any questions about fundraising for The Worldwide Tribe, or you need any advice, please contact