Hundreds of shelters in the Jungle in Calais have burnt to the ground in recent months. All it takes is for one candle to fall over and the effects are devastating. Everyone is living so close together, materials are highly flammable and the wind can carry the fire faster than you can imagine. But that’s not the worst of it. It generally takes over 45 minutes for the emergency services to arrive to tackle the blaze. The terrain in the jungle is almost impossible to navigate, and by the time the fire is put out, the devastation is immense. It is an absolute miracle that fire, as yet, has not taken anyone’s life.

We are so proud to have worked with the amazing team at Arcadia to build a custom fire-truck for the Jungle. Kept on-site in a container, the 4×4 vehicle is stored full of water and ready to tackle the difficult terrain for an immediate response, minimising the effects and undoubtably saving lives.

Not only this, the Arcadia team plan to educate the people in the camp about the dangers of fire and provide extinguishers throughout the site.

The Worldwide Tribe has also launched a campaign to distribute amazing little solar powered lanterns throughout the camp to avoid the use of candles for light. These awesome products are inflatable (very lightweight and small when deflated), and last ages. The LEDs are also strong enough to effectively light up an entire shelter. To provide a family with a life-saving light, donate a minimum of £6 by clicking below!