What does The Worldwide Tribe do?


The Worldwide Tribe works with a two-pronged approach: We raise awareness about global issues, and we provide humanitarian support on the ground.


Since August 2015 we have been working to highlight the refugee crisis, giving a voice to those who deserve to be heard, while addressing the needs at a grassroots level.


Who are The Worldwide Tribe?


In short, The Worldwide Tribe is all of us! If you're united in this global community, you've already a part of the Tribe!


We do have a small core team who run the organisation day-to-day, and a great cluster of volunteers who support with our projects.


How can I donate money?


The easiest way to donate money is through our fundraising profile on MyDonate. From there, you can add Gift Aid to your donation and it's all really simple. We've chosen to use MyDonate because, unlike other fundraising platforms, they don't take a fee. This means that all of your donations come to us!


We are able to accept donations via cheque when necessary. Please make cheques payable to The Worldwide Tribe and send them to:

Morgan Kainth

Prism The Gift Fund

20 Gloucester Place




How can I donate items?


At The Worldwide Tribe we're not actually involved in the collection and distribution of physical items, but there are plenty of ways that you can support in this way.

If you'd like to take your donations to Calais, please email the Help Refugees / L'Auberge des Migrants warehouse at calaisdonations@gmail.com. Please be sure to check the current needs before doing so!


If you can't get your donations to Calais and would like to find somewhere in the UK to take them, take a look at Refugee Maps to see any drop-off points in your local area, or visit the People to People Solidarity Facebook page.


How can I volunteer?


Unfortunately we're not in a position to facilitate volunteers at The Worldwide Tribe ourselves, as we just don't have the capacity to do so, but there are plenty of places, groups and organisations you can work with. We've outlined a few of the groups that we have worked with, or that we know and trust, over on the volunteer page.