The reason we made our very first trip to the Jungle in Calais was because the negative, dehumanising news articles referring to ‘swarms of migrants’ and ‘marauding migrants’ left us with many questions about the humans behind these headlines. Who are these people living in a refugee camp just an hour from our house? Where are they from and why did they leave? How did they get to Calais? What is life like in the camp? Where do they want to go?

Since that first journey, we have spent many months in the camp, sleeping there, eating there, laughing and crying there, making friends and forming lasting relationships with the heroic, inspirational people who have found themselves there.

During this time we have intimately and sensitively attempted to document the stories and lives of our new friends, with the view of raising awareness and compassion for the victims of some of the world’s worst atrocities, finding themselves, together, at a dead end, in a slum in Calais known as the Jungle.

Our full film will be released shortly and we will obviously be letting you all know where to watch it!

My youngest brother Fin has directed, filmed, edited and produced the whole thing himself. You can see more of his work here: