Phone call to England

When they asked me on the panel yesterday who inspires me…I told them it was my two little foster brothers who, at such a…





Justice for Hamed

He was our voice in Afghanistan. We need to be his voice now. He fought for us in Afghanistan. We need to fight for…




Meet Nyakim

This is Nyakim. Originally from South Sudan, she is now a successful model in America. Since my first visit to the Calais Jungle nearly…


Grenfell Tower Tragedy

This morning I woke up again to devastating news. Another absolute tragedy on my doorstep that everyone was talking about. More terror in London…


A Message from Abdulazez

“Many years ago I didn’t expect to be a refugee… as you are not expecting yourself to be. The decision of leaving home was…


We met Abdulazez in Greece, where him and his family had lived in a refugee camp for 5 months after fleeing their home in…


Besh’s music channel

Remember Besh? Our amazing friend who searched pretty much every refugee camp in Europe to find his mother, then found her in the camp…


The Dolphins

Our amazing tribe member Brendan has been working in search and rescue for a long time now and has saved many lives, but recently…


Hamed Was Deported

This morning I woke up to the most horrible, shocking news… At 6am this morning Hamed was unlawfully sneaked onto a plane and deported….


Lampedusa Cross

My little foster brother has been upset this last week or so. He’s been struggling to go to school, and live life as normal,…


A Healthy Baby Girl

Guys do you remember Mohammed? The Syrian guy who we helped fly to Brazil where he had been offered asylum? The same Mohammed who…

Remember Mohammad?

Remember Mohammad? We raised the money for his flight to Brazil to escape his life in Turkey, after he was offered asylum there. He…

Mohammad: Update

A few days ago we shared the desperate situation of Mohammed, a Syrian refugee in Turkey who had been granted asylum in Brazil but…


Happy Birthday Noor!

Please join us in wishing the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to the most amazing girl we have ever met. Noor…since we met about a year ago,…