Three Mothers. A play at the Waterloo East Theatre

This week we went to check out this amazing play: Three Mothers.

The writer of the play, Matilda, emailed us saying:

“I wrote Three Mothers 2 years ago as a direct response the Refugee / Migrant Crisis that is still going on today.

I wrote it as a challenge. I wanted to make people connect individually with what they were seeing in the press and empower them to find a human response.

I was VERY much aware of everything you were doing at the time.

I certainly find following you has been a great way of reminding myself to stay involved, astute, aware about what is still happening, even if the press doesn’t cover it anymore.

The Worldwide Tribe invites people to become involved however they can.

Simply being aware is better than letting it just happen.”

Thank you Matilda for your amazing words and work amazing work. The Worldwide Tribe team loved it 


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