Meet Mohamed, our new hero.

Meet Mohamed.

He’s my new hero.

Mohamed was a physiotherapist back in Syria but when he fled to Turkey with his family, he had to find whatever work that he could to support them.

He now lives in Izmir, a city in Turkey, where I met him.

In his evenings and spare time, he would visit other Syrian families in the area to treat their disabled kids.

There are lots of Syrian children in Izmir suffering from cerebral palsy and scoliosis, often as a result of trauma.

The Syrians in the area have little to no access to health care so these kids were slowly deteriorating, some even dying from things like scoliosis, which can be treated by a physiotherapist like Mohamed.

Recently, an amazing Irish volunteer called Anne (founder of the local community centre TIAFI) recognised this desperate need and promised to pay Mohamed’s wages for the next year, if he could treat these children full time.

We need funds for Mohamed’s physio space inside TIAFI and some very basic equipment like a ‘walking stair’ so he can keep do this life-saving work.

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