Amazing things can happen when a community pull together with the goal of helping others.

Debbie Mossman is a 6th form tutor at a school in Wales. She went over to Calais to volunteer earlier this year and came home wanting to share with her pupils exactly what is happening in Northern France, and most importantly, talk to them about the people she met there.

She put together a 6th form assembly and the pupils decided that they were determined to do something to help.

So, Debbie said she would buy some rucksacks and leave it to the pupils to fill them!

Look what they have done!!! They have filled 60 bags with essential toiletry packs, food items and warm clothes to be taken over to Calais this week.

Whilst packing, Debbie found a little note labelled ‘Dear Friend’ packed in with some clothes from one of the pupils and it absolutely melted our hearts! It read:

“My name is Grace, I’ve got you some clothes from my Dad- especially for you! I hope that these will come in helpful and will keep you warm. I live in Wales and go to school in Aberystwyth. Warm hugs, Grace.”

How incredible that these students have shown so much care, empathy and love for people they have never met!

This is why sharing the stories of people affected by this crisis is SO important. If you don’t have the means to donate or volunteer, keep talking and keep sharing because the influence it can have on others is invaluable.

It only takes one person to get the conversation started and the ball rolling… and this is a great example of what can be achieved!

So if you do have the time to organise a collection amongst friends, family or colleagues, go ahead and do it this Christmas… you might be surprised at what amazing outcome one little idea can create.

Thank you to the pupils of Penglais school for filling these bags with such essential and thoughtful items, we know how much they will be appreciated !!

Please let us know if you have done something similar, we would absolutely love to hear what other ideas this amazing community have had!

To donate to our continued work supporting refugee’s, please click on the link below: