26 young beautiful lives lost.

Imagine a group of 26 teenage girls.

Just have them in your mind….

Now imagine them all drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

Devastatingly, this actually happened just last week.

26 young girls lost their lives as they attempted to start a new one in Europe, making the crossing from Libya to Italy.

They were all 18 or under.

The youngest girls were just 14 years old.

The bodies of these girls were recovered by a Spanish rescue ship who single handedly rescued more than 400 people in the same mission including 90 women and 52 children.

One of these survivors was a week old baby.

So why are more women dying than men?

The fact that the crossing is more dangerous for women has been linked to poorer swimming skills and attempts at saving their children.

So how have 26 teenage girls died at our shores without it making it’s way to mainstream news?

These girls join the 2,839 people who have gone before them, also losing their lives at this same attempt to safety.

And that is JUST THIS YEAR.

Nearly 3,000 people THAT WE KNOW OF, have died in a sea that many of us go on our holidays to.

Who knows how many more have drowned, but their bodies never recovered.

So close to us.

Whilst there is STILL no legal way for these thousands of people to come to Europe, these numbers will continue to rise.

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