The result of teamwork and generosity!

This picture might not look like a lot, but it’s the incredible result of a lot of teamwork and generosity!

These meals were cooked by the Yazidi community at Lifting Hands International, an inclusive safe space recently opened in Greece.

The community used the kitchen supplies donated by the, now closed, EKO space, to prepare 120 meals for the families living there. This was the first time they were able to come together and cook food for themselves, and they were so happy to do so!

Our friends at Lifting Hands International shared this message with us:

“The families had so much fun coming together to play games and eat.

You brought so much joy – thank you.

Everyone is so excited to make big meals for themselves!”

We’re so happy to be able to make things like this happen.

To have played a part in helping the community regain some of their independence is really special, and we can’t wait to see this Lifting Hands project grow!


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