Thank you Marina!

A few months ago I posted about an Afghan lady who recently lost her daughter.

Her story is a super tragic one, and after I met her in a camp in Greece, I knew I had to do SOMETHING to help her.

So I wrote about her, and something amazing happened…

Even though they had never met, a girl who read the post on Instagram, Marina, was so touched by this lady’s story that she took it upon herself to set up a private fundraiser.

She raised over £100, and while I was in Greece recently, I was able to pass the money on to the lady.

This is me showing her and her daughters the post I wrote and the details of the fundraiser.

She was so grateful that she cried, then invited us to her makeshift home in the camp for lunch.

She shared the little food she and her kids had with us and her 9-year-old daughter translated for us so we could chat a little.

I want to thank Marina for taking the initiative to take this action.

Being able to go back to this lady and actually do SOMETHING was amazing.

Although it doesn’t take away from her grief, it makes life a little easier. Even for a short while.

Today, do like Marina and think about what you could do.

It doesn’t need to be in another country or region, you could do it from the safety of your own home, your desk, your train journey home.

We can all do something 

To donate to our continued work with refugee’s, please click on the link below: