It only takes 4 hours to make a life-time friend

I always end up sitting next to someone amazing on the plane.

On the way to Turkey this time to Surprise Noor, I got chatting to this lady, Abir.

Crazily enough, Abir is also a Palestinian-Syrian refugee just like Noor… 

What are the chances?

“A double refugee’ as she called it.

Her incredible life story made the 4 hour flight from London to Ankara literally fly by (haha).

She told me about how her family fled Palestine when she was young, to find safety in Syria.

When she was 28 and pregnant with her second child, she found out she had an aggressive form of Leukemia and a 35% chance of survival.

She was flown to London (as a refugee) for treatment, and miraculously survived.

She has since found out she has outlived the doctor who told her, when arriving in London, that she should prepare for her own death.

Thank you Abir for inspiring me and showing me that it only takes 4 hours to make a life-time friend!

See you in London soon!



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