Welcome home Samim


Do you guys remember Samim?


He’s the 22-year-old Afghan boy who lived with a family in Kent and was due to be deported back to Afghanistan.

Well it happened…

He was deported as far as Istanbul (Turkey – where I am now), then, on the 12th September, despite a court order, he was given just four hours notice before being rushed onto a night flight to Kabul, (Afghanistan).

This was probably to ensure his supporters (you guys) didn’t have enough time to protest his removal, like we did on the 26th August.

Samim was gagged and restrained on the flight by security officers who mocked his efforts to tell the other passengers that he was being deported to his death.

Samim’s solicitor had successfully requested a High Court injunction to stop the deportation, so he SHOULD have been returned to the UK from Istanbul, but the Home Office made the shocking move to fly him to Kabul anyway.

There, he spent four days in hiding, in terror for his life.

Meanwhile our government ignored three further court orders to send him back to the UK, until the fourth time round, when the order was finally accepted.

FINALLY he is back home with his host family in Kent, and reunited with Ted the cat.

Both Samim and Ted are over the moon!

However the fight is not quite over. Please continue to sign his petition to demonstrate the support for him when it comes to his full hearing:

Also, if you are as shocked by the actions of the UK Home Office as we are, please consider writing to your local MP to ask why Home Secretary Amber Rudd is able to make decisions with disregard for the law.

It might also be worth mentioning the huge amounts of public money spend on defying Samin’s right to a fair hearing in the UK and deporting him to Afghanistan.

To read more about Samim, check out this Guardian article by Diane Taylor: https://www.theguardian.com/…/samim-bigzad-asylum-seeker-de…

Finally, THANK YOU ALL for signing and sharing the petition already, sharing these stories and posts and caring about the future of Samin and others like him.

Together we have proved that miracles do happen. We have already changed his fate through the power of this amazing community, and Samin is overwhelmed by how much people care.

This story represents what we can do when we come together to stand up for what we believe in, and I hope it inspires you all to continue to do so!

Welcome Home Samim!