Hospitality like no other!

I have NEVER known hospitality like Arab hospitality.

Fatma told me that in her culture, once we enter her house, our problems become her problems and her responsibility, and we wouldn’t leave until they were solved and all was well.

She fed us the most incredible lunch whilst apologising that this was nothing compared to what she would have prepared for us in Syria. She was almost embarrassed by her situation, whilst we were overwhelmed by the time, care and love that had gone into the preparation…let alone the TASTE.

My god…the taste.

Stuffed peppers, vine leaves, aubergines, tomatoes, courgette, potatoes, homemade samosas, fresh bread…and a home baked cake and baklava for dessert.

Sweet chai, sweet boys and an all round heart warming experience full of genuine love.

Fatma and her kids work in the farms around Izmir, waiting for the day they can go back to Syria.

In the meantime they live with love and hope and more kindness than I have ever known.

We left with full bellies, homemade fig jam, a jar of homemade spicy tomato paste and so much gratitude for experiencing SUCH hospitality.