Greek Islands: 2 different realities.

Yesterday I went for a little walk down the pier and it made me feel super strange.

Everywhere I look here there are advertisements for ferries to Chios or Samos or Lesvos. People approached me selling boat trips including snorkelling and lunch with a view of these beautiful Greek islands. The same Greek Islands that we’ve been working on and writing about for the last two years, the same islands refugees are still dying to get to the shores of.

This tiny bit of water is the same crossing thousands of people are still desperately trying to make… But on the other hand tourists still enjoy days out on the same bit of sea, sunbathing and relaxing.

It would cost me about €20 to get to Greece, but the Syrians I’ve been meeting here are using their life’s saving to pay a smuggler for a spot on an overcrowded dingy.

It just seems so crazy that these two worlds can exist right next to each other.

Two completely different realities.

These signs felt like a slap in the face knowing what this crossing means to so many people.

My own little foster brother was pulled unconscious out of this same water by the Greek coastguard when his dingy capsized.

I guess it just comes down to a genuine lack of knowledge. These holiday makers must not know what’s happening so close to them right?

Hopefully we can get to the point where we all know the significance of this crossing…and maybe that can be the beginning of these deaths not being ok.

This has to not be ok