A place where ethnicity
Is treated like toxicity
Where black tarred smoke
Grips your lungs to choke
And rats normally unseen
Breed in the unclean
In a place where not just men
Can I reiterate again
Children. Minors. Boys.
Forced here without a choice
Sleep in this squalor
Dwelling amongst horror
Burning rubbish, shit and plastic
As a mere survival tactic
They survived the winter sin
But what will spring and summer bring?
Heating up human waste
Burns your nose, dominates your taste
All because you closed your borders
Upon a faceless fascist’s orders.
Racist? You say
Can I reiterate again
I don’t see any white folk
Struggling to gulp
With police hands around their necks
At the racist border checks
Or beaten limbs, purple and sore
From trying to cross, weeks before
I don’t see no Caucasian
Nope. Only Asian
And black and brown
Those we incessantly push down
Whether they drown in the sea
Or drown in society
In this political game
Able humans, we make lame
Persecution they fled
With brutality they’ve been met
Here in Belgrade
This bigotry doesn’t stave
Exemplified by our silence
About this fascist violence
In this indescribable place
That disregards we are all one race.

Words by the amazing Brittany Grace