A stop off in Serbia to see Samir

Whilst driving through Serbia on our fundraising rally, we took a bit of a detour to visit a special friend of mine.

I met Samir in a refugee camp in Greece a year ago when his baby Mustafa was 5 days old. This is baby Mustafa now!

Samir had recently told me he had left Greece to head to Serbia with his wife (who is pregnant again) and baby Mustafa. He was sick of waiting in Greece and hoped to pass from Serbia into Hungary, then on to Austria. 
That plan hadn’t worked, and while he was stuck in this new camp in Serbia, it made sense for us to go pay him a visit!

I’m so glad we did.

Not only is Samir a constant inspiration for his positivity and perseverance despite what he has been through (he was attacked by a magnet bomb in Afghanistan after working with the American army)…I think meeting him was humbling for our whole team.
It put everything into perspective all over again and reminded us all why we’re on this rally, what we’re raising money for and how important this all is for actual people, real people, men, women and babies, still caught up in this crisis.