A post for Aya

This beautiful little girl.

Her name is Aya, she is 3 years old and she was shot dead in Turkey this morning.

By border guards…

…As her family fled the war in their home town of Aleppo, Syria.

News reports say that as her and her mother attempted to cross the border from Syria to Turkey in the early hours of this morning, she was shot and killed.

Her father (also pictured) died in Aleppo a few months ago after being injured by a barrel bomb / airstrike.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Turkish border guards have killed civilians fleeing the war in Syria. We have first hand heard from a few people that they were shot at when making this crossing.

There has been many reports of civilians being physically attacked, captured, humiliated, tortured, deported to Syria and killed at the hands of Turkish border guards.

That’s being said, it should also be noted that Turkey is a home for over 3.1 million Syrians and tens of thousands of of Syrian children have been born in Turkey since 2011.

We have met some of them and are heading back to Turkey next week. Please follow our journey, share our stories and help us raise awareness about the ongoing situation for refugees in Turkey.

It’s unfair. It’s unbelievable and it’s important that we do something.

Thank you Ahmad Al-Rashid for sharing this important story. Our hearts are breaking for this family.