Those who have the least, give the most!

You might be wondering why we are sharing this super blurry image of some strange looking food…

Well it has some serious significance for our friend and volunteer teacher Brittany Grace.

Whilst working in Oinofyta camp, not far from Athens, she gave one-on-one classes to a 17-year-old boy called Mohsun.

As the only Pakistani resident in a predominantly Afghan camp,
Mohsun needed a little extra love and attention.

When attending the usual adult English class, the Afghans had given him a hard time due to his nationality, so Britts began teaching him privately.

Mohsun, at just 17, is alone in Greece. He is the oldest son in his family so bears the responsibility of finding a better life for his family in Europe.

In spite of all this, and in spite of his serious money restrictions, Mohsun humbly brought Britts a delicious, traditional Pakistani meal before class one day.

Those who have the least give the most…isn’t that always so? ♡