The legacy of EKO lives on through the work of Filoxenia International

We recently shared a post from the team at EKO, who are working to close down the space now the residents of Vasilika Camp have been moved on. The team are busy redistributing all of the amazing donations on to other organisations in the area, who will put them to good use and keep the EKO legacy alive!

One of those organisations is Filoxenia International, and this is what the team at EKO had to say about them…

“It’s important to us that we find good homes for everything, and ensure that your donations continue to support the people who need them most.

We have chosen specific groups for the work that they’re doing and the impact that they can have. We believe in them, and we think they are the perfect places to pay forward the responsibility we have to each other.

The first group that we want to introduce you to is Filoxenia International.

Filoxenia International took its name from the Greek word ‘filoxenia’, which means the love for those from a foreign land; to open your house, host and share your space as if the visitors were already familiar to you.

In September 2016, the team at Filoxenia started a housing project in order to support those people from the refugee community who were being overlooked by other organisations.

The aim is to improve the quality of life of those who currently live in Greece, but also give them, in cooperation with other organisations, the education and life skills they need to integrate gradually into the hosting societies where they will live in the future, in a way which respects their rights to preserve their own traditions.

Having created their ‘Community Space’, a two space room where all the activities can take place, Filoxenia International managed to bring the people of their community together and combine education with personal development and empowerment. At the same time, their aim is to enhance creativity, the sense of normality in the everyday life and the feeling of being autonomous; learning how to live in a new society and integrate within its people.

Filoxenia International is focused on encouraging the feeling of independence and empowerment of its residents to begin the process of returning to themselves.

We’ve donated all sorts to Filoxenia International, including tables and chairs, a ping pong table and wooden benches. You can find the full list below.

When the team were working to set everything up, the kids wanted to help, climbing under the ping pong table and onto the benches. We can already see how much of an impact these donations will have!

Please take some time to check out and the incredible work that they are doing, and like Filoxenia International on Facebook.


2 x Boxes Books
5 x Childrens Plastic Chairs
Knitting and Crochet Kits
1 x Box of Wool
5 x Metal Stools
1 x Box Pencils
1 x Party Box
3 x Fold up Tables
17 x Black Chairs
1 x Box Spray Paint
1 x Box Face Paints
1 x Ping Pong Table, Balls and Net
Shade Area Structure
2 x Wooden Coloured benches

*Faces have been blurred to protect identities*

You can check in with the Eko Project Facebook page to see more about the other organisations that the EKO donations will support over the coming days and weeks