The hands of an afghan mother

Look at these hands…

These hands could be your own mums hands right?

They are the hands of a mum.

I met this mamma recently in Greece and she told me her story…

It was one of the craziest stories I have ever heard.

It’s taken me some time to process and find the words to be able to share it…

So I’m taking a deep breath and doing it now…

Basically, she’s Afghan, and the area she is from in Afghanistan is under Taliban rule.

Under this rule, none of the girls were allowed to go to school.

Her daughters were clever and keen to learn, so they went anyway.

They defied the Taliban, and they paid for it…

The Taliban laced the school’s food with poison, but by some miracle, this lady’s daughters only ate a little bit of the food and they survived (one of them was only 6 at the time).

Most of their friends and classmates were killed.

Can you imagine.

Imagine your kids coming home from school to tell you this story.

Imagine the fellow mums learning of their children’s deaths.

I can’t even…


Not long after, the Taliban came for her husband and they killed him too…

Her and her children were forced to watch.

And so, understandably, she decided to take her kids and leave.

She decided to try and find safety in Europe.

However, devastatingly, she didn’t have enough money to afford to pay the smugglers for all of them to cross the border, so she was forced to make an impossible decision and leave her eldest daughter (who was 16) behind in Afghanistan, taking only her younger children with her.

She made it as far as Greece (where I met her), where she lives in a camp not far from Athens.

Her daughters go to the little school in the camp run by our amazing partners ArmandoAid.

When we met, it was not long after she had received some very very bad news…

Having not heard from her eldest daughter in more than 6 weeks, she had been going crazy trying to get hold of her…

Then one day, the news she had been dreading reached her in Greece…

Her 16 year old daughter was dead.

As the threat of the Taliban in their area had increased, the young girl had feared for her life and fled into the woods to hide.

There – and I can’t believe I am even writing these words, in 2017 – the girl didn’t have enough food and water, and became so weak, she was eaten by wild dogs.

I don’t even know what to think.

Imagine this mamma, hearing this news about her beautiful, beautiful 16 year old daughter.

She showed me pictures of her on her phone as she cried to me.

I had no words to say to her.

I can not even IMAGINE…

And the craziest thing…

Afghanistan (in the UK) is deemed SAFE!?

In the UK we are currently actively deporting Afghan refugees on the premise that they no longer need protection from persecution.

I mean…what?

So yeh, thats the story of this lady. This beautiful, brave lady who is not only grieving her husband, her daughter and her life, she is doing so, alone, with her youngest kids in a refugee camp in Greece.

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Thank you Brittany Grace for helping me share this family’s devastating story and to the Soda/Lime boys for these images.