Beautiful brothers orphaned out at sea

Look at these boys.

The light hitting their soft eyelashes.

Their little button noses.

They’re resting on a speed boat after being rescued by aid workers in the Mediterranean Sea.

When they wake up, they will be waking up to a future without their mother.

She was found dead inside the boat that the boys were rescued from.

She was one of 13 corpses lying in the bottom of that boat.

I’ve seen a picture of those 13 dead bodies in that boat. It’s one of the worst pictures I have ever seen.

I thought about sharing it.

But I couldn’t.

Facebook would have probably removed it anyway.

It’s by the amazing Santi Palacios who also took this picture of these beautiful brothers.

Santi, I don’t know how you sleep at night without these images haunting you. But I admire you so much for what you do.

It’s so important that we all know that this is STILL happening.

This photo was taken on the 25th July (two weeks ago).

Where are these boys now?

In which country can they grieve the loss of their mother?

Who is looking after them?

What does their future have in store?

Don’t forget about them. Don’t turn a blind eye. This is happening at Europe’s door and we must all DO SOMETHING.

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