A thousand questions

“As I walked along the coast of the Greek bay, collecting plastic waste from the shoreline, something heavier gently grazed my ankle.
A child’s rucksack…

A thousand questions entered my mind.

Who does this rucksack belong to?
Are they safe?
Are their family safe?
Was this bag thrown into the sea at the hands of a smuggler, to reduce weight in the already overcrowded dinghy? Or did the child voluntarily lose the bag as it filled with water and dragged him down?
Where is this child now?
Is he sat listless in a camp in Greece, waiting for the European dream he was promised? Or do his family grieve him, the way we so globally grieved Aylan Kurdi?
What’s his name?
Have I taught him?
What’s his favourite game, animal, colour?
Little boy. I hope wherever you are, you are safe, welcomed and fulfilled.
Because that’s all we want at the end of the day, right?”

Words by our amazing friend and volunteer teacher Brittany Grace