Help Tesfay

This is my very lovely friend Tesfay.

He is one of the very first people I met in the Calais Jungle, nearly two years ago.
He had just arrived and we helped him pitch his tent. He was super friendly, spoke amazing English, and was only 21. It broke my heart to leave him there.
A few months later he made it to England…I cried my eyes out when he called me. I will never forget those words..

“Jasmin…I’m in LIVERPOOL!”

We went to visit him to bring him clothes and shoes, a phone and some other stuff he needed, and he prepared us an amazing lunch on the £5 a day he was living from.

It’s been a long journey but finally he has been granted asylum, and even more amazingly, been accepted into the London South Bank university to study Computer Systems and Networks Engineering (he’s bloody clever). The problem is, he isn’t able to afford the uni accommodation and needs somewhere to stay, in London, as of August 2017.

Do you know anywhere or anyone who might be able to help? I 100% know Tesfay would only bring light, happiness and joy to anyone who crosses his path. He is super special.

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