Female empowerment project for Syrian refugee girls

“I only got to really understand the realities of Syrian war victims after reading the stories my students wrote about their lives before the war…”

Anrike Piel is a professional photographer and creative director. She recently ran an Empowerment and Fashion Photography Project with 60 Syrian refugee teenage girls who are enrolled in our partner SB OverSeas’ education and empowerment centre in Beirut.

By unleashing their creativity and uncovering their individual voice, Anrike wanted them to feel more confident and hopeful, despite their current difficult living conditions.

As part of the project, the girls participated in several workshops, including one where they were asked to write about their lives before the war and now.

One student wrote:

“I am a girl who grew up in Aleppo. I was in the 7th grade. We were very happy and content in Syria. It was my last year in that school. Because of the events in Syria, our lives changed from the nice and happy life in our country.

Now we are in a camp in Lebanon in Shatila, where electricity goes out. We rent a place. Beirut is very expensive. There are no jobs. Our lives are very hard and there is no stability. I miss my beloved country so much.

My dream is that Syria will return peaceful and even better than before.

We can dry our tears and return home to live happily in our land.”

The girls also organised their own photoshoot from clothing donations with the help of Anrike and their art teacher Fedaa Alwaer. This is one of their beautiful images.

Photographer and project director: Anrike Piel http://anrike-piel.com

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