Words of hope following Finsbury Park attack

In response to last nights attack in Finsbury Park, in which a white van driver drove into a crowd of Muslims outside a mosque, I wanted to share some words written by our 18-year-old Syrian friend Abdulazez Dukhan:

“As a normal Muslim who came from a Muslim society, I want to explain something.

I never learned about violence.

I never learned to hate other religions or people.

When I was a kid, I remember my dad was always telling me to say I forgive you when someone hurt me. When I asked him why, he was always telling me that this was how to be a good Muslim.

It’s really sad to see people relate Islam to terrorism, and to see people talking about us as if we like violence.

Muslims are 1 billion, don’t judge the whole number because of some.

Let’s not be part of spreading more hate in our world, let’s spread love.

Feel free to share these words”

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