Phone call to England

When they asked me on the panel yesterday who inspires me…I told them it was my two little foster brothers who, at such a young age, went through so much to make it to England.

One of them, Mez, is Eritrean and when I was in the camp last week I met this boy who is also from Eritrea. He’s older than Mez, but still only young, and living in the camp on his own.
I told him about Mez and tried out some of the words Mez has taught me in Tigringna (not many haha). He was so sweet and interested about my family that I ended up calling Mez (who was on the way home from football practice) and they had a long chat on the phone.

When I got home that night I asked Mez what they had talked about and he told me that this boy had asked him about his life in England and whether he was happy.

I asked Mez what he had said in return. Mez told me that he had answered the questions and told this boy to be strong. To never give up. ‘Keep going my brother,’ he said. ‘God has a plan for you.’

My heart broke as we sat and spoke in our living room, sitting on a sofa, knowing this boy would be falling asleep that night in a refugee camp in France.

GOOD LUCK my brother…I am thinking about you!

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