Jangala Wifi Update

What’s the one thing you would be most lost without…?

For about a year and a half now our ‘WiFi-guys’ have been developing WiFi solutions for refugee camps across Europe.

Just before Christmas we installed the first prototype of our new product (an amazing purple-mobile-wifi-box we call Jangala WiFi) for the lovely girls at the ECHO Refugee Library in Thessaloniki. Nearly 6 months later, we thought we’d give you an update on how it’s been going!

The Echo Refugee Library in a van that drives around many camps, providing them with books, and now the internet! The magical WiFi box is working amazingly for them, giving connectivity to so many people that need it. This enables people to contact friends and family back home, as well as learn languages, get info about their asylum claims, have access to all sorts of opportunities, or simply just watch a film / play some music on Youtube!

The girls from the Eko Refugee Library have recently relocated from Thessaloniki to Athens and told us about their first day in operation in the city:

“Here are pictures of our first session in Athens yesterday… Jangala was a success- not a huge crowd at first, but a start! We drove to OneStop, a small pop up centre for homeless people where they serve food and tea and do laundry. There were Greeks as well as refugees there.”

Since this first box, we’ve now deployed three more boxes in various hotspots, connecting thousands of refugees, and are working on building many more!
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