Grenfell Tower Tragedy

This morning I woke up again to devastating news. Another absolute tragedy on my doorstep that everyone was talking about. More terror in London but in a different form.

As the day has passed and I have watched in horror from Greece as the story of this fire has unfolded in the news…my heart heavy.

But as I scrolled through Facebook, all I saw was action. People, friends, other grassroots organisations that I am connected with through working with refugees, taking this feeling that I too felt…and turning that into action.

The model that has worked to well for us when supporting refugees, (sharing a problem on Facebook and reaching out to the community to step up and do their bit) is being applied again. People affected by the fire need food, clothing and accommodation. Most of us have this in abundance. People if London…bring what you can to the following three help points:

1. Rugby Portobello Trust, W11 4EY
2. St Clement’s Church, W11 4EQ
3. Tabernacle Christian Centre, W10 6QY

Seeing the response all over my Facebook today gives me so much hope. It reminds me to never judge or discriminate. Just give help to those who need help. Who cares if you are a refugee-focused charity and they’re not refugees…. Think again if you feel like a cause doesn’t affect you or there is nothing you can do… because guess what… we’re all in this together…all human…and all of us have a responsibility to show up for one another.