Chaos and Devastation on Chios


I know we’re not seeing devastating pictures of refugees arriving on Greek beaches in boats all over the news anymore…but the situation on the Greek Islands is still dire.

Two years on from when we started working in Lesvos, we’re shocked that there are still so many refugees stuck on these Islands in the most horrendous conditions.

Of the 3,782 refugees currently living in Chios, over a third have witnessed a death, almost always due to self-harm or suicide. Many arrive to the island having suffered severe trauma, so the conditions they are faced with leave many (71% in total and 94% of women) with mental health issues.

Very few (29%) have been able to access the medical care they need.

Some of these people have been living in Chios for over a year now, with minimal access to basic human needs, with 85% of refugees saying they didn’t feel safe in the camps there. And the worst part of all…

…It’s going to get worse.

Changes to EU funding means that many large NGO’s are having to pull out of working on the islands, leaving refugees with even less support.

The withdrawal of these vital services (due to this summer), are expected to have a ‘detrimental and inhumane’ effect on people’s lives.

Chios is at breaking point.
The refugees are at breaking point.
They need more support, let alone LESS.

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