Agony for Syrian brothers caught up in Grenfell Tower Fire

Meet Syrian brothers Mohammad and Omar.

The 23 and 25 year old boys fled Syria three years ago, they were granted asylum in the UK and lived together in Grenfell Tower…

On Tuesday night, when a fire spread through their building, the boys rushed together down the stairs to safety. Omar made it, but the smoke was too thick for Mohammad and he was forced to turn back to their 14th-floor flat.

Here he waited for two hours, on the phone to family and friends, desperately hoping to be rescued.

Unfortunately the firefighters didn’t make it in time and at 5am on Wednesday morning he wrote his final message to his loved ones:

“The fire is here now, goodbye.”

Mohammad’s big brother Omar is being treated in Kings Cross Hospital for smoke inhalation.

These boys came to the UK, fleeing war, bombing and persecution in their country, to find safety.

They were doing so well. Mohammed was studying Civil Engineering at the University of West London Omar was studying business.

Please sign this petition for his family to be able to come over from Syria for his funeral. In his final phone call he made sure his family in Damascus knew how much he loved them:

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Today we are thinking about them and all of the other people caught up in this crazy tragedy.