Polite, Charming, Courageous, Strong

Our first in a series of exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery has just come to an end (we will keep you updated on the next ones,) but the beautiful portraits of our friends from the camp are all FOR SALE (with proceeds going to our projects).

The stories in the faces of these incredible men are clearly visible.

Polite, charming, courageous and strong, these guys, despite what they have been through and continue to go through, have always welcomed us into their makeshift shelters with open hearts and cups of tea.

Each line or mark on each face represent pasts fit only for a traumatic film, or a nightmare, but the eyes tell a different story…

From the England flag embroidered onto a pair of tracksuit bottoms, to a plastic cross around a neck, the subtle indications of hope shine so brightly from these portraits.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact the photographer Danny directly at:

THANK YOU guys for always supporting us!