Meet Nyakim

This is Nyakim.

Originally from South Sudan, she is now a successful model in America.

Since my first visit to the Calais Jungle nearly two years ago, I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of people from Sudan.

Many of these people I now call my very good friends.

Before that first visit, I didn’t really know much about Sudan. I knew a little bit about the Genocide and ethnic cleansing of ‘non-Arabs’ in the region of Darfur but I didn’t fully understand the extent of the devastation and deaths based on race.

Why do we all learn about the Holocaust at school, but we don’t learn about the same thing happening RIGHT NOW?

ANYWAY Nyakim, who calls herself the ‘Queen of Dark’ represents the beauty in our differences when it comes to race, religion, nationality, language and anything else that may divide us.

We love a story that celebrates these differences whilst also highlighting that underneath it all, we are all human…

The Worldwide Tribe

You can read more about Nyakim here.