Meet Abdullah

Meet Abdullah.

Abdullah is a young Syrian teacher from Idlib.

He lives alone in Beirut, Lebanon, and works as a teacher of maths and Arabic.

Before the war in Syria started, Abdullah went to university to study Arabic language, and worked for 8 years as a sound technician in Lebanon, the country which now demands an entirely different responsibility from him.

Abdullah was all too aware that the children in Lebanon were vulnerable. Seeing their poor living conditions and education, child labour and other kinds of abuse, and knowing the harsh memories of war they would never forget, Abdullah wanted to make a positive change for the youngsters.

Although his job is exhausting, Abdullah finds joy working with children. He says the friendly team at ‘Bukra Ahla’ are “one big family”, and the fun activities they provide “strengthen the bonds between the students and the teachers”.

As well as more traditional subjects, they provide art, music, sports and brain-games which make learning more interactive, and help students build communication skills and enhance their creativity.

Abdullah believes the children in the center need special attention and care. The teachers have to give from a big heart, a sharp mind and show a high level of patience and endurance, which is understandable given the things these children have experienced.

Abdullah now plans to continue a career in education and hopes to go into higher education to develop his skills.

His mission in life is inspiring:

“To raise the general consciousness of the present and future generations by spreading useful knowledge, and embracing humanitarian values to achieve peace and prosperity in the region.”

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