What do you do when the sun finally comes out….

Have a BBQ!

This weekend we went to visit one of the little camps not far from Calais, northern France where people are still living in tents, in shelters and amongst the trees.

We’ve known some of the guys living here for nearly two years now, since we first started working in the Calais Jungle.

This particular camp is home to around 50 Eritrean and Sudanese refugees..about 15 of which are women.

When we visit these guys, they ALWAYS insist on cooking for us and sharing all the food, tea, coffee and anything else they have, with us. I always say that some of the best food I have ever eaten is in the Calais Jungle.

So this time we wanted to return the favour. If we can’t do so by inviting them to own own home, we will have to bring the party to them…and thats what we did!

The guys quickly took over the speaker we brought with us and took it in turns to DJ, whilst Nils and Simon got on the chicken, and the rest of us prepared the salads, bread and veggies.

The food went down so well. The guys don’t often get a chance to eat meat and they were literally waiting for it as it came off the BBQ…(Nils I hope you didn’t give anyone food poisoning haha!)

We danced and laughed and enjoyed the sun as one of the Sudanese guys personally ensured that everyone in the camp got their fair share of fruit salad by going round and feeding chunks of pineapple and apple (etc) to people as he danced.

This place. It brings up so many emotions in me. So much happiness because the people living here are so amazing. Their energy, hope and positivity is always so infectious and they were as welcoming as always.

But it makes me so sad too. So sad that people with so much potential and talent and who are so full of love are still stuck in such a shit situation, in shit conditions just a few hours drive from my home… It doesn’t feel right.

But I have trust that these guys will persevere, and that one day they will be rewarded for their bravery and strength. And until that day, we will be right there with them, every step of the way, partying and laughing, DJing and eating, fighting for their future and raising awareness about their situation… Because trust me guys….this is not OK and we must all take responsibility for that.

We’re still always in need of donations to continue our work. Please continue to support us.

Thank you @simon butler, Matilda Ruck, Polly Mossman and Nils O’Hara for perfect BBQ prep and Polly for inspiration for the above words.