Thank you! From The Tribe Turkey

This little video shows just a snippet of the amazing work that our great friends at The Tribe Turkey have done, and some of the people they have supported, thanks to your generous donations.


Over the past months, The Tribe Turkey have been working in the farm camps around Izmir, in some of the worst conditions that we’ve seen throughout this whole crisis. They’re doing everything they can to support the people who are living there…

They’ve delivered thousands of pallets to get people off the dirt ground.

They’ve delivered thousands of mattresses and blankets to give people somewhere to sleep.

They’ve delivered thousands of kilogrammes of firewood to keep people warm.

They’ve delivered over two hundred metal-framed shelters to give people somewhere to live.

And they’ve been able to do this because of people like you! We know many of you guys have supported The Tribe Turkey, through our fundraising pages for The Five Pound Project and the Shelter Programme, as well as directly, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

So, from us and our friends at The Tribe Turkey…


If you’d like to support the continued work of The Tribe Turkey, you can do so here: